Cognato 0% Alcohol Red Wine - South Africa

The grapes come from the Coastal Region of South Africa, an area known for high quality wines from low yielding vineyards. All our growers are Fairtrade certified.

Winemaking & Alcohol Removal

The grapes are picked at full maturity and macerated to extract color and tannins. Fermentation takes place with a cultured yeast at temperatures between 25 and 28°C. After the fermentation is complete, the wine is left in the fermentation tank with the skins for another 2 weeks to ensure integration and full development of the tannin structure.

The alcohol is then carefully removed using a vacuum spinning cone process. This allows the alcohol to be removed without affecting the integrity of the wine.

The result is a nuanced red wine with well-integrated tannins and a taste of red berries and spicy herbs.

We recommend that the wine is served slightly cooler than room temperature. Cognato Red works well with meat dishes and tomato based pastas.

Sugar Content: 2.5g/100ml

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