Ara Alcohol Free Rose <0.5%

Make this your go-to-wine when you want the taste of a flavoursome Rosé, without the alcohol. Ara Zero Rosé is first crafted as a full-strength wine. We then distil off the alcohol to leave behind a classic Rosé bursting with flavours of strawberry, lime, and guava with crisp citrus.

Ara Zero wines are crafted on the edge of the earth: the essence of Pure Marlborough.  We grow and select fruit from our vineyards in Marlborough to craft a full-strength wine, which is primed and ready to have the alcohol removed without sacrificing flavour. This means a light, refreshing non-alcoholic wine option that doesn't sacrifice taste.

Ara Senior Winemaker Jeremy Tod is the master of alcohol-removed wines, having been at the forefront of zero percent winemaking globally. Here's how it works:

After a full growing season, our grapes are ready for harvesting and we create a full-strength Marlborough Rosé. Then, using advanced spinning cone technology, we gently separate out the aroma and the alcohol - making sure to retain the wine's character and flavour.

The delicate aroma is added back into the remaining non-alcoholic wine, along with a small amount of premium grape juice to round out the final blend. Then all that's left is to enjoy a refreshing non-alcoholic Rosé bursting with flavour.

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