September 07, 2022

I constantly get asked "who buys alcohol free drinks and why?"  I always find this question so fascinating as the people asking are generally the ones that become our customers.

Often people think the only people that would want to drink alcohol free drinks are religious people who can't drink, people who are allergic to alcohol and people that have given up drinking BUT this isn't the case.

70% of our customers drink alcohol as well as alcohol free options and the reason for this is so that they don't get FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when socializing.  Sober Socializing is the future without the backlash of questions that comes with not drinking so if you are drinking or not drinking you always have options.

So next time you are out with someone and you have a zero percent alcohol drink don't let them give you heat for it by asking questions like "why aren't you drinking", "whats wrong with you", "man up and have a real drink" because at the end of the day those people that say those things are often the people who would rather have a zero percent drink but don't have the confidence to do it, which is a shame.

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