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The perfect blend of vibrant Native Australian Forestberry, earthy roasted Wattleseed and crisp Apple. A light and refreshing finish with the lingering warmth of Cayenne and dry Green Tea.


Christina Delay and Alan Tse are the creative team behind Altina. Together they have pioneered new methods to make delicious non-alcoholic wines. Other non- alcoholic wines typically combine de-alcoholised wine and concentrated grape juice. 

Not Altina. No sugar is added to the formulations, instead Altina is built from natural ingredients and Native Australian botanicals. 

Each ingredient is carefully chosen and expertly blended. The tasting experience is nuanced and layered.
Delicious flavours build in complexity as you sip.


Altina is made in a new way combining science and nature. The process starts with specially chosen air-dried botanicals cold steeped for 36 hours. 

Flavour is extracted while capturing the volatile aromas. This is done without the use of sugar syrup or alcohol, both of which can overpower delicate flavours and affect mouthfeel. 

Altina is then triple filtered to remove any impurities to maximise taste and visual clarity.

We recommend serving Altina ice cold in a sparkling wine glass.



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