Sei Bellissimi BelliNo Non Alcoholic Sparkling Cocktail - 0.0%

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Sei Bellissimi Belli•no: the sparkling non-alcoholic peach mocktail drink in a bottle! Sei Bellissimi stands for traditional Italian, elegant drinks with a modern twist.

The Belli•no is the non-alcoholic version of the Sei Bellissimi Bellini cocktail. It is a combination of Moscatel grape must from Piemont and peach pulp from Trentino-South Tyrol. Ready to be enjoyed, the Sei Bellissimi Belli•no is the perfect mocktail for brunch, dinner or finger food!

Sometimes it is no alcohol. I, Giancarlo Mancino (Bartender, Bar Consultant and creator of Mancino Vermouth as well as Rinomato Aperitivo) understand this of course. That’s why there’s the Belli•no, the alcohol-free version of the Sei Bellissimi Bellini. Ready to enjoy, here’s a fizzy, fresh cocktail for those who still have to drive after brunch or dinner, or just don’t want to drink. Meant for everyone to have a nice toast with, from children, to women in pregnancy and of course for Halal!

Ingredients - White muscat, water, peach, natural fruit flavour, vegetable extract

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