Clovendoe SPROUT Zero

SPROUT - Middle East inspired

Take yourself on a guilt-free trip to the Middle Eastern spice trails with SPROUT Zero. Notes of liquorice root and star anise are balanced with organic rose petals, cinnamon, cardamom, pink peppercorn, coriander, grapefruit & lemon peel and a sprinkle of juniper berries.

For a crisp yet complex flavour, serve with tonic or soda water. For something special compliment the alluring aromas with either rose lemonade or a traditional lemonade with a dash of grapefruit.

SPROUT Zero is a non-alcoholic (0% ABV) botanic spirit handcrafted in our traditional copper pot stills.

Vegan friendly.

Free from sugar, gluten, artificial sweeteners, carbohydrates and additives. 

Queensland is famous for its pristine beaches, tropical islands, sunshine and Clovendoe Distilling Co.

The natural beauty and easy going attitude of our Gold Coast home is our inspiration for using the finest ingredients that nature has to offer to curate a refined spirit.  Read more about Clovendoe by clicking this link

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