Drop Bear Bonfire Stout 330ml Beer CAN - 0.3%

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Tasting Notes

Complex notes of roasted coffee and smoked malt awaken the senses to create a carefully crafted balance of flavours.

Inspired by the traditional Irish stout, with crafty notes of hoppy stout, this dark beer provides a dry yet refreshing and lightly hopped finish.

This Bonfire Stout certainly isn’t for the faint of heart.

Drop alcohol, not  flavour

Michael from Dry Drinker reckons Joelle Drummond and her Australian partner Sarah McNena make epic alcohol free beers, dropping the alcohol without dropping the flavour.

Drop Bear Beers are:

  • 100% natural
  • vegan-friendly
  • additive free
  • low calorie

No fear when it comes to beer

Joelle and Sarah told Dry Drinker: ‘We aren’t scared to push the boundaries and we say what we think. We care about people and we certainly care about beer, especially the crafty kind.

‘Starting with a big saucepan and a jam thermometer we have come a long way in our first year. From long nights and an exploding fermenter, we are ready to take the world by storm. Our carefully crafted ales will revolutionise your perception of low abv beer and there will be no looking back.’

So what are you waiting for? Order your Drop Beer Pale Ale 0.4 % ABV from Dry Drinker today. We’re the UK’s most trusted alcohol-free store.

With over 60 years brewing experience behind us, producing multi award winning alcohol free beers is just what we do!

Traditionally brewed, our non alcoholic beer is real beer, just without the alcohol. We believe great beer should be accessible to all, that’s why we’ve made sure every single beer we ever brew is natural, vegan friendly, gluten free, and low calorie.

Beer judges, geeks, and aficionados from around the world reckon Drop Bear is the best alcohol free beer, we reckon it’s time ya’ find out why…

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